Greenhill holds all here parents at a very high esteem and is committed to training and re-training of parents. Parents who need parenting counseling and guidance to be able to make imparts in their child developmental process can get free tips from the school. Pupil’s performance is a product of Teachers-Parents, and School-Home factors. It is therefore important that parents get the needed training on how to work with the child, in order to create the right physiological and psychological environment for the child’s academic progress.
“Parents are the child’s first and also very important educators. Montessori schools emphasize the importance of the family in the child’s development and seek to create a partnership with parents. Such a partnership is a two-way, interactive process. The child’s fullest development demands involvement of both the family and the school. The parents and school engage in an ongoing dialogue centered on the needs of the child. Parents grow and learn along with their child – and the school grows through the collaboration with parents. Parent partnerships go beyond parent education. Parents cannot just be passive recipients of teaching by the school but must evolve into active teachers and contributors in turn. Together, staff, parents, and children become a community of learners.
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