Greenhill’s academic content guarantees pupils excellent performance. The school curriculum is very broad and covers both local and international content. The content of our scheme is highly enhanced with all the needed parameters in order to make pupils gain mastering knowledge and testwiseness for academic excellence.
Greenhill guarantees academic stability. Pupils are constantly subjected to critical evaluation using standardized test items to drill and develop their learning capacities, through various teaching, learning and testing platforms.
The teachers are also subjected to training and retraining on how to make efficient output on the given scheme of work. The supervisory and the research / innovation units of the school, ensures the teaching and learning processes are constantly improved. They also enhance the simplification of the concept taught in order for learners to make achievements.


The school curriculum is a blend of the Nigeria, British and American curriculum. We belong to the progressives or dynamic school of thought. Greenhill is a child centered school and as such we adopt Maria Montessori teaching methodology, and other great philosophers who have inspired our educational methodology. Our method of teaching is exciting, creative, flexible, individualistic and suitable for all learners.
  • CLASSWORK: Teachers use classwork as instrument to measure and evaluate the level of pupil’s comprehension on the subject taught.
  • HOMEWORK: Teachers assign homework in order to enable pupils do well academically. Like the saying goes practice makes perfect. Parents should ensure that pupils develop homework habits at home in order to make academic achievement.
  • TEST: Continuous Assessment Test is usually carried out from time to time, to maintain and monitor the quality of teaching and learning process.
  • EXAMINATION AND RECORDS: At the end of each term, pupils are examined to know the extent to which they achieve the termly academic objective / target. Results are issued to the pupils via their parents as a medium of feedback on pupil’s performance
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